Why 13 Billion Years Isn’t Enough Time for Darwinian Evolution

Even if every atom in the universe mutated at the fastest possible rate constantly since the Big Bang, there would not be enough mutations to make even 500 changes in an organism possible.
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Dr. Charles White is professor of Christian Thought & History at Spring Arbor University in Michigan, USA. He is the director of the European Leadership Forum’s Year-Round Mentoring for Academics which will launch in May 2019.
He graduated from Harvard with his bachelor’s degree, began a PhD in church history at Cambridge, and finished it at Boston University.
Bible translation is one of his passions. He has worked on twenty-five and twenty-seven New Testament books in seven different languages. He has taught environmentalists in Michigan, physicians in Mexico, pastors in Canada, university students in England, Bible college students in Australia, Muslims in Nigeria, evangelists in India, missionaries in the Philippines and Rawanda, church planters in Iraq, ministers in Jordan, and disciplers in Ethiopia. He is the father of four grown children and has run more than 55,000 miles since he turned 40.


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